British comedian Jordan Gray delivers television’s ‘moment of the year’

British cabaret performer and comedian Jordan Gray has experienced a sudden profile rise following a bold appearance on British television.

Broadcaster Channel 4 is currently celebrating their fortieth birthday and as part of their festivities they brought back Friday Night Live, a popular show from the 1980s. Perth based writer and comedian Ben Elton returned to the UK to host the one-night revival of his old show.

Jordan Gray appeared delivering a performance that got everyone talking. The transgender cabaret performer has just delivered an acclaimed season at the Edinburgh Festival with her show Is It a Bird? 

Soon Gray will deliver a one-night appearance at one of London’s most famous theatres, The Palladium, making history as the first transgender performer to headline the venue.

For her appearance on Friday Night Live Gray appeared in a hot pink suit and sang a comical song Better Than You. The song’s lyrics gave the audience a lot of laughs.

At the climax of the performance Gray leaped up and stripped naked, before returning to the keyboard and bashing out a few notes using her penis.

The performance has been praised by many, but also set anti-transgender campaigners into conniptions.

Gray has subsequently confirmed that there was nothing spontaneous about the nudity, it was all planned out in advance.

The performer has also questioned why many people immediately needed the performance as being sexual, arguing that it was simply showing someone completely happy with their own body.

“It was rehearsed and was really important. I wanted to feel part of that lineage, but also, I’m transgender – I think that’s pretty much now obvious to everybody.

“It’s really nice that transgender people around the country suddenly don’t have to feel like their body is something that is just been consigned to a sort of secret part of the internet, surgery table or conversation in a pub.” Gray told Pink News.

OIP Staff

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