Canberra men targeted on hook-up apps

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Canberra men are being targeted for extortion through their use of social dating phone apps according to a report at the ABC.

ACT based organisation The AIDS Action Council has put out a warning to local men after they received reports about a group of 3-4 people targeting people.

The group said it received two separate reports from victims this week but fear there may be more who are too embarrassed to come forward.

The report states that the perpetrators earn users’ trust online but when they meet in person they threaten to expose them if they did not pay them money.

“We urge all people to be aware of their online safety. Always take precautions when organising to meet up with people.” the group posted on their Facebook page,  “Double check online connections are who they say they are (are pictures real, or fake, has the person provided real contact information? Do you get a ‘bad feeling’ about them?), ensure someone knows where you are going and ensure you meet somewhere you are safe and comfortable.”

The AIDS Action Council encourages people to report incidents to the police but also offer counselling to victims.

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