Candidate gets attention after linking homosexuality and pedophillia

Diane TeasdaleDiane Teasdale, an independent candidate running for federal parliament in the Victorian seat of Murray, has suddenly got a lot of attention after she outlined her opposition to marriage equality on her official Facebook page.

In her Facebook post Teasdale make tenuous links between homosexuality and pedophilia, and noted her observations about the push for marriage equality.

The wannabe politician said her view was that very few homosexuals were really interested in the issue and that most don’t care about the issue.

“From my observation only a very small percentage of homosexuals are fighting for this right, while most would prefer to just get on with their life with as little hassle as possible.” Teasdale wrote.

Teasdale said the polls that show up to 70% of the population supporting a change to the marriage laws have been falsified.

The politician also wrote that the Safe Schools Coaltion anti-bulling program is leading Australian youth to drugs and suicidal behaviour.

“If parents are really concerned about the future stability of their children, they need to check out the material being offered at school before it is too late. Too many confused children are turning to drugs or suicide and their parents are still not willing to educate themselves about what is destroying their children’s sense of security and belief in the future.” Teasdale wrote.

Following her publishing of the post the political candidate received a massive amount of feedback, with over 4000 people commenting on the post in under 48 hours.

The vast majority of comments disagreed with the politicians assertions.

“How can you expect to represent our community while vilifying a portion of that community with ignorant, ill informed hatred? Wow!” wrote Penny.

“Those are terrible and untrue things you say Diane. On behalf of many, many heterosexual men I totally refute your position. Research shows that if anything is harmful to our nation it is the vicious bigotry of people like you.” Michael wrote.

“Most Australians want the issue to go away because they support marriage equality, and it’s time to make it happen. You are a dinosaur. Dianeosaur.” Martin contributed.

Speaking to OUTinPerth Teasdale said she was surprised at the level of response the post received and expressed her disappointment that some of those opposing her position had made comments intimidating her family members.

Teasdale is unlikely to have success in her bid to represent the people of Murray. Her GoFundMe campaign to assist her campaign has only had one donor stump up $10.00.

The Liberals have held the seat for the last six elections and enjoy a margin of over 20%. Prior to that the seat was held by the National and Country party from over 20 years.

It’s not Teasdale first dive into the political pool, she ran for the Victorian seat of Shepparton in 2014 and came last securing only 994 of the 42,000+ votes cast.

She was previously the leader of the Australian First anti-immigration party. Back in the 1970’s Teasdale was a candidate for The Australian Democrats in a Victorian state election, she also stood as an independent in the 1982 Victoria election.

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