The Catch Up

Catch UpBeen busy this week, not to worry, here’s the five most popular stories on OUTinPerth this week.

Maintain Eye Contact

Not surprisingly this funny (and hot) video was the most clicked on content of the week. Watch at home, because this one is definitely NSFW.

GALSWA Celebrate 20 Years

WA’s own Gay and Lesbian Singers celebrated their 20th birthday with a massive concert at Fremantle’s Fly By Night Club.

Growing Gaymers Guild

If you’re into computer games, don’t worry you are definitely not alone. Perth’s Gaymers guild is one of the largest and fastest growing social groups in town.


Le1f Explains What a Twink Is

NYC rapper Le1f is in town soon and he’s on the cover of our November edition. We’re glad you all loved this video of him explaining what a twink is.

Midsummer a play with LOLs

Midsummer, a play with songs, is the current show for Black Swan State Theatre Company. Ryan Boldison checked out a preview of the show.