Challenging Tomas Ford

Tomas Ford by Shaun-FerraloroTomás Ford is celebrating those tunes that you love to hate with two Fringe World shows.

In ‘Craptacular’ he takes those tunes and turns them on their head, while his ‘Crap Music Rave Party’ is a chance for everyone to request the dodgiest tune they can think of.

We put Ford to the test, asking him to weigh up some particularly dubious tunes and pick a winner.

Starship – We Built this City vs The Foundations – Build Me Up Buttercup

‘We Built This City’ is the ultimate sell out from a hippy band, it’s the absolute nadir of their career.

Los del Rio’s ‘The Macarena’ vs Las Ketchap’s ‘The Ketchup Song’

I’d go for the Christmas version of The Macarena, I feel like it’s a traditional part of Spanish culture to sing vaguely in-key carols over the Macarena.

Tone Loc – Funky Cold Media vs Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby 

‘Ice Ice Baby’ is the more annoying song, Tone Loc can rap as where Vanilla Ice doesn’t have that skill.

Alt and the Lost Civisation – Tequilla vs UB40 – Red, Red Wine

Well it depends, if I want middle aged secretaries to flirt with me I’d go with ‘Red, Red Wine’, but if wanted the party to go off, it would be ‘Tequila’.

Fiest – 1,2,3,4 vs Steps – 5,6,7,8

Clearly 5,6,7,8 because Fiest is a good singer, and plus I could go into a multiple song journeys through techno bluegrass, we could play The Grid and Rednex’s ‘Cotton Eye Joe’.

Bay City Rollers – Shang a Lang vs Skrillex – Bangarang vs ABBA – Bang a Boomerang

I really love the Bay City Rollers, seeing one of them play with a tribute band at the Leisure Inn in Rockingham is one of the best (and worst) concerts I’ve ever been to. ‘Bangarang’ would be the winner because it allows everyone to dance around like their at their little brother’s High School end of year party.

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