Charlie Hides Returns

Charlie Hides

Charlie Hides is back for Fringe World 2015 and will be performing his new show ‘Charlie Hides Whooo?’ at Connections from 18 – 21 February. The acclaimed comedic impersonator tells us what he’s got in store.

You are known for your impersonations of divas, from Cher to Madonna to Lady Gaga – who is your all-time favourite star to imitate?  

I have a lot of fun playing Cher because I’ve turned her into a comedy character loosely based on Cher, the Academy Award winning star…. The real Cher thinks it’s funny so knowing she’s watching when I play her adds to the fun…She’s even used some of MY jokes in interviews and on Twitter which makes it surreal.

You’ve recently posted videos of some new kids on the block, such as Lana Del Rey, Taylor Swift & Miley Cyrus. How do you develop an impersonation from a casual catch phrase into a fully formed character?  

Lots of research. When I choose a new celeb to portray I watch all their TV interviews, music videos, everything I can find online. I look for signature gestures, turns of phrase, rhythm of speech, accent, idiosyncrasies and quirks. Then I distill it into a character that’s like the star but not an exact impersonation.

You also have a number of original characters (Loretta Lee Jackson, Kandi Kane Baxter). Do you prefer bringing your own creations to life or imitating real people?

That’s like comparing Pizza to chocolate, I love ‘em both and would never want to live in a world without either. With an original character I have more freedom as a comedy writer, I can go into politically incorrect territory that most celebrities would never go near. To complete the chocolate and pizza analogy, my perfect meal… my live show combines two things that bring me joy, playing celebs and original characters.

Cher, Lady Gaga & Kylie Minogue have given you praise for your work. Have you heard from any celebrities being offended by your impersonations?    

Yes, Lana Del Rey said I was “an asshole!” But many of her most loyal fans love my impersonation of Lana and see it as the affectionate tribute that it’s intended to be.

Who can we expect to see with you at your Fringe World shows this year? Any new faces?  

Yes, this year I’m bringing Dolly Parton and Joan Rivers with me… Joan has a LOT to talk about as now she has all the hottest gossip from heaven and a unique vantage point of the red carpet disasters.

Leigh Hill

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