Charmaine Bingwa makes her debut on ‘The Good Fight’

Charmaine Bingwa

Charmaine Bingwa makes her debut on The Good Fight, which airs on SBS, this evening. The Perth born and raised actor joins the series as new character, lawyer Carmen Mayo.

The fifth season of The Good Fight began on SBS last week, and the entire episode was presented as a ‘Previously On’ catch-up. However all the footage was new content and it fasted-forwarded the story of the lawyers at Reddick, Boseman and Lockhart at lightening speed through recent real world events including the pandemic outbreak, the end of the Trump administration and the death of Supreme Court judge Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

At the end of the episode, two of the show’s major characters has departed including Delroy Lindo’s character Adrian Boseman and lawyer Luca Quinn played by Cush Jumbo. Lindo had been with the show since it’s debut four year’s ago. While Jumbo had joined parent show The Good Wife in it’s seventh and final season.

Stepping into the void is a stack of new characters including up and coming lawyer Carmen Mayo. She’s been described as tough, unsentimental, and believes that the law should represent everyone, even if you don’t like a person or their actions.

In an interview with SBS Bingwa shared that she was a big fan of the show and was excited to be joining the cast.

Bingwa, who is of Zimbabwean descent hails from Perth, was a previous winner of the Heath Ledger Scholarship. She is the first woman of colour and queer person to receive it. She previously created the LGBTI themed series Little Sista. 

The Good Fight airs on SBS on Thursday nights at 8:30pm. Catch up on Episode 1 of the current series on SBS on-demand. 

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