Check out These Hilarious 1988 Tips for Encountering Lesbians

Lesbian Couple

A document has been discovered that is reportedly a womens’ studies class handout from the University of Wisconsin in Madison, dating back to 1988.

‘When You Meet a Lesbian: Hints for the Heterosexual Women’ features some rather comical advice for straight women, suggesting how to behave should they encounter a lesbian.

The document was tweeted by journalist Jody Rosen, who allegedly came into possession of the handout when a friend found it while moving house.

Some of it reads like tips for encountering dangerous wildlife:

“If you must back away, do so slowly and with discretion.”

Some of the instructions are bordering on contradictory:

“Do not assume she is attracted to you.

“Do not assume she is not attracted to you.”

While there is some practical advice concerning manners:

“Do not expect her to be as exciting about meeting a heterosexual as you are about meeting a lesbian. She was probably raised with them.”

“Do not immediately start talking about your boyfriend or husband in order to make it clear you are straight. She probably already knows.”

It does remind us all that lesbians are people too:

“Do respect her individuality. She is a lesbian, but she is also Mary, Pam, Lori…’

“Do not ask her how she got this way. Ask yourself how you got that way.”

Indeed. Take a look at the list in its entirety here.

Sophie Joske

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