Christian YouTuber claims gay marriage will lead to bestiality and paedophilia

Warning: contains discussion about pedophilia, bestiality, objection to rainbow families.

A Christian YouTuber has posted a slick video claiming that legalising same-sex marriage in Australia will lead to paedophiles walking the streets and people wanting to marry animals.

Tasmanian Matt Long is the author of the website AMPT Lifestyle, which stands for Achieving Mental and Physical Toughness. On the site Long outlines his religious awakening at the age of nineteen and how he’s now building his own ministry.

Long creates high quality videos that he posts to YouTube, his clips often feature him delivering spoken word raps on moral issues, and his latest focuses on the current marriage postal survey.

In the video the Long suggests that allowing same-sex couples to wed will lead to bestiality and open acceptance of paedophilia.

“If marriage equality is legalised how soon will it be before people can marry animals, or even children?” Long asks.

“How soon will pedophiles be given freedom to walk our streets?”

The video-blogger then argues that if people consider homosexuality a choice, instead of “a condition” that you are born with; “then you are giving paedophiles the same argument at hand”.

“We’re seeing violence and discrimination, especially to those who oppose it,” Long says of the marriage equality debate.

Long says before people label him a homophobe or a bigot they should consider his concerns. Long says marriage was created by God to ensure they are standards and boundaries to protect people.

“How can a young boy grow to be a man being surrounded by two women?” Long asks in his video, before asking how a young girl could grown to be a woman if she has two men.

Using the tag line of the ‘No’ campaign Long says “It’s OK to Vote NO”

Rajan Venkataraman from Tasmanians United for Marriage Equality said Long’s video was an “all-too-familiar collection of misinformation, lies and slurs.”

The marriage equality advocate highlights that a study run by Columbia Law School found “an overwhelming scholarly consensus, based on over three decades of peer-reviewed research, that having a gay or lesbian parent does not harm children.”

Venkataraman said Long’s comments suggesting homosexuality was step away from bestiality and child abuse were offensive.

“No country that has achieved same-sex marriage has gone down those paths, or even contemplated it for a second, so the claims are simply absurd.”

“Sadly, this kind of hateful material is being pedaled constantly by the NO campaign. Presenting the facts over and over again does not stop it. Unfortunately, the leadership of the NO campaign, who could do something about it, has not stepped in to correct the facts or rein in the offensive claims of their followers because these lies, these slurs, this nonsense serves their purposes.” Venkataraman told OUTinPerth.

The Coalition for Marriage has backed Long’s video saying millions of Australians are concerned about how allowing same-sex marriage will impact on their freedom of speech and religion.

“Like millions of Australians, the Coalition for Marriage is concerned about radical LGBTIQ sex and gender programs becoming compulsory in the classrooms, with parents losing the right to have a say in what their kids learn at school, as well as restrictions on freedom of speech and freedom of religion.” the official NO campaign’s spokesperson told OUTinPerth.

Father Peter Manuel from the Perth branch of Christians with Pride said he disagreed with the assertion that children with single parents or same-sex are disadvantaged.

“Many children grow up with only one parent, and can grow up to be fine human beings who take their place in society. There are children who grow up in heterosexual families who turn out to be ‘problems’ within our society. Having two parents who are gendered the same does not preclude them from being good human!” Fr Peter said.

The Christian leader said that it was unreasonable to compare gay relationships with paedophilia and bestiality.

“Paedophilia and bestiality have nothing to do with this issue of marriage. Both are forbidden because the ‘respondent’ in the relationship is incapable of making informed consent to the relationship.”

Fr Peter said that even in the Bible there are many variations of what marriage is.

“Marriage may not have included same sex attracted people in a legal sense (though same-sex attracted people have probably always lived together), but marriage itself has adapted to the society in which we live. ‘Biblical’ marriage does include many variations, some of which this person would not accept: the Patriarch Jacob (Genesis) had two wives and two concubines.”

“If you start from the premise, which this person seems to, that all acts of same sex intercourse are forbidden, then there is no where to go in the debate. At least Margaret Court was honest!”

Fr Peter said allowing same-sex couples to marry under civil law would not affect people with faith’s marriages.

“The marriage we are discussing in our society has to do with human rights under Commonwealth law. No Christian is obliged to be married under Commonwealth law.

“Hetero-normative marriage for Christians allows Christians to have the protections of law. It is hypocritical to forbid it to those who are same sex attracted.” Fr Peter told OUTinPerth.

Long responded to questions from OUTinPerth highlighting his concern that laws were being changed too quickly, highlighting that not long ago homosexuality was illegal.

“Well over 70 years ago, homosexuality was considered a crime in Australia, resulting in punishment for those who embraced it. Isn’t it amazing how in under 100 years time how the world can change so quickly? I find it very absurd that homosexuals are very ignorant of the fact of what marriage is.” Long said.

Long said that while Australia does have laws that stop people having sex with animals, it is not unreasonable to imagine these could be changed, just as homosexuality was decriminalised.

“Is it too hard to imagine, that in 100 years time, less or more, that this law could possible be overthrown just like we are seeing today with homosexuality? People are already violating this law all over the world. You might think that it doesn’t happen anywhere, but it does!”

Long said homosexuality was a sin that has slowly crept into Australian society, comparing it to infection.

“When you let sin come into the camp, the whole camp gets infected. It opens the door to a spirit of perversion, and when perversion is elevated to a place of honor then perversion is what you will get. There will be massive consequences to theses actions. Homosexuality has slowly crept into our society little by little and Australia has allowed this to happen.”

Long questioned if gay people should be allowed to have children, describing gay couples being permitted to have children as “absurd and disgusting.”

“A male and a female have very different characteristics. It’s the way God designed us, and he did that for a reason. Homosexuals cannot re-create! Therefore if they cannot have their own children naturally so why are they raising children?

“It’s not 100% their own children. They can’t both be the parent to the child, there is always an outside source which is WRONG. So why are we giving them the same right and privilege to those who can naturally have children?”

“This is absurd and disgusting. How dare Australia compromise its standards and bring this upon our children.” Long said.

Long said he was concerned that if same-sex marriage was made legal it would impact upon his freedom of speech when he wants to stand on a street corner and preach the gospel.

Graeme Watson

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