CLP Do Not Discipline Minister After “Pillow Biter” Comments

David Toller 4

In the Northern Territory, Deputy Chief Minister David Tollner has attracted controversy for comments he made during a parliamentary wing meeting.

Tollner reportedly called Joshua Higgins, who works for another MP and is the gay son of fellow CLP politician Gary Higgins, a “pillow biter” and a “shirt lifter”.

Chief Minister Adam Giles made the following comments about the issue in parliament: ”

“It is an in-house matter these gentlemen had a conversation about,” Mr Giles said. “Regrettably, from time to time these things go outside the confines of private communications within our team.

“We are moving on and getting on with business.”

Labor leader Delia Lawrie criticized the party for its lack of disciplinary action, stating that such “repugnant language” should be grounds for termination.

Minister Giles stated to Northern Territory News that Tollner had apologised and wanted to move on:

“Mr Tollner has apologised for his comments,” Mr Giles said. “The Treasurer has told me that he did not intend to cause harm or offence with these comments and I know the individual concerned has accepted Mr Tollner’s apology.

“The person in question is a valued staff member and has met with me and expressed a desire to move on and that’s what we now intend to do.”

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