Complaint about Woolworths Rainbow Cupcakes mocked

An Australian woman has set off a hilarious series of responses after she posted a complaint about seeing Rainbow Cupcakes in Woolworths that support LGBTIQA+ youth organisation Minus 18.

In a post to X, formerly known as Twitter, the user voiced her concern about Woolworths product which donates one dollar from each sale to the youth organisation.

Claiming that a product that supports LGBTIQA+ youth is one that is ‘promoting sexual intercourse’ she asks if it’s appropriate to sell the cakes to minors, before arguing that the tiny cakes might make you gay, give people the power to be really good at gay sex, or be designed make heterosexual people feel bad.

Comedian Kirsty Webeck responded to the post reporting on her experience of eating one of the little morsels.

“Woolworths, I just settled down to eat one of these gay cupcakes and BOOM! The L Word started playing on my TV! My TV was UNPLUGGED at the time.” she posted.

Others chimed in reporting that they’d been completely heterosexual prior to sampling the baked goods, while some pondered what the recipe would be for a heterosexual cake.

To be fair ‘cupcaking’ is a slang phrase for flirting with someone, so maybe there is something in it.

Drag star Jojo Zahara offered some words of advice too. “Seek therapy immediately” she posted in response to the concern.

Some commenters scanned back through the original posters timeline and noted that she’d previously vowed to observe a boycott of Woolworths over their decision not to stock Australia Day products, and wondered if the cupcakes were so powerful they’d drawn her back in.

Others shared they were rushing down to their local supermarket to see if the promise that they made you really good at gay sex was true.

Some people also chortled at the notion that the phrase ‘Minus18’ meant the cupcakes were strictly for the youth, and shared helpful links to the non-profit organisation that supports LGBTIQA+ youth.

Of course you don’t need to buy gay cupcakes to support Minus 18, you can just head to their webpage and donate money.

We headed down to our local Woolworths and easily found some of the sweet treats. We only ate them in the name of research.

A spokesperson for Woolworths told us the cupcakes are a limited edition offering that became available on Wednesday. It follows on from previous support they’ve shown for LGBTIQA+ community groups.

In 2023 they had a 1kg Rainbow Layer cake that supported Rainbow Families, an organisation that provides support to LQBTQ+ parents, carers and their children by building a community that fosters resilience through connection, support and empowerment.

“We support a range of Australian charities and community organisations through our supermarkets. This includes longstanding partnerships with OzHarvest, Foodbank, WIRES Wildlife Rescue, Share the Dignity, Landcare Australia and more.” the spokesperson said.

OIP Staff, 9-02-24 7:50am comment from Woolworths added. 

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