Connections are ready for a giant birthday bash!


It’s been a busy time for Connections Nightclub as the venue prepares for its massive 40th birthday party.

“We’re flying queens in from all over Australia,” Scott Telfer one of the club’s managers reveals ‘Arpi and Hannah Conda, Electra and a range of people from Connections past.”

“We’ve been up all night with mirror balls and glitter and all the things we’re famous for” Telfer said noting that under the direction of Connections Entertainment Manager Barbie Q there would be around eight shows during the giant birthday bash.

The night will kick off with an exclusive VIP champagne reception before the doors open to the general public at 8pm. While all the pre-sale tickets have quickly been snapped up, there will be a few door sales available for people who get down early.

“There’s going to be lots of cakes, a cake being presented by a cake, and lots more” Telfer said.

It’s unusual for a nightclub to celebrate a 40th birthday, most venues renovate and rebrand after a few years, but Connections has surpassed all its neighbours. Telfer said the upcoming birthday has encouraged a lot of people who haven’t been to the club for years to come forward and share their memories, especially when the club recently opened during the day as part of Open House Perth.

“It’s been really nice hearing people’s stories from thirty or forty years ago,” Telfer said, “I’ve really been blown away by the amount of interest.”



For Telfer himself (above left) the club stands out as something very unique that he hasn’t seen anywhere else in the world.

“I probably first came to Connections about ten years ago, I happened to be in Perth for the very first time” Telfer recalls in his distinct Scottish accent.

“A friend explained about this place, and I thought – ‘No, places like that don’t exist anymore’ and we went to Connections and it was absolutely amazing!”

Seven years later Telfer returned to Australia and became part of the Connections team.

“There are lots of gay clubs around the world but none of them have that vintage that Connections has, that history that stretches back over decades.” Telfer said.  “The drag performances here are like nothing else, I’ve been to bars all over the world, but Connections just blows my mind”.

Soon the popular Manager will celebrate his third anniversary at the club, Telfer jokes that for his third anniversary maybe he’ll be given some feathers or a new sailors cap. Telfer’s a big fan of dressing up for every night at the club and is constantly surprising people with his different outfits. Ask what the secret to rocking a new look night after night Telfer nominates gaffer tape and safety pins as the secret tools.

“I derive a lot of pleasure from it, I never quite know what I’m going to do, but Spotlight is an amazing shop, I do love taking lots of cheap materials and stapling them together!”

Connections 40th Birthday is on Saturday December 5th from 8pm.


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