Cupid comes to Ramsay Street with first gay wedding proposal

Long running soap opera Neighbours will begin the year with its first same-sex wedding proposal.

An upcoming scene will see David Tanaka (Takaya Honda) proposing to his boyfriend Aaron Brennan (Matt Wilson). This might not go according to plan though.

David decides to propose to Aaron after knocking back his offer to move in together, but with David’s ex-boyfriend Rory in the background maybe he’s missed his chance.

Channel Ten have posted a teaser clip of the scene to their website, but you’ll have to tune in tho the show to find out how out all pans out.

While it will be the first same-sex proposal on the show’s thirty-three year history, producers have hinted that it might be quite a while before we see the first same-sex wedding on the show.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph’s Confidential Matt Wilson said it had been a complete fluke that the show had managed to arrange the scene to be airing the week that the first same sex marriages will be occurring in Australia.

“The writing department actually fluked this,” Wilson said. “We filmed this about three months ago and the writers came up with the idea about six months ago so the timing has worked out perfectly.”

“I think it is very special. A lot of the times we try to attack issues on the show and sometimes they have been and gone in the media or they don’t get as much light as they can but this should absolutely bring the issue to the surface.”

Aside from the romantic proposal fans of the show will be tuning in to find out who kidnapped Paige’s baby, whether or not Sonya and Toadie are rescued on their honeymoon after their boat drifted out to sea, is Tyler going to jail, and is love in the air for Clive and Sheila?

Meanwhile rival soap Home and Away will celebrate it’s 30th anniversary and might be getting its long overdue first regular LGBTI character.

Neighbours airs on Eleven at 6:30pm weeknights. 

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