Daily Telegraph: Young people should blame themselves for being gay

Young people should ‘blame themselves’ for being gay according to a Sydney newspaper. The article has quickly been condemned by readers across social media.

The Daily Telegraph has published a story about the health of young Australians alongside an info-graphic that lists the reasons for declining health rates.

With a headline that reads “Fat Chance of Being Healthy – Young Aussies only have themselves to blame”. The article highlights alcohol use, obesity, drug use, mental health and being attracted to the same-sex (and living in New South Wales?) as things the newspaper believes are young people’s poor behavioural choices.

Australian Greens LGBTIQ spokesperson Senator Janet Rice has called for the story to be immediately retracted. Senator Rice said the newspaper needs to apologise.

“To all the young people or parents of gay or bisexual teens that opened up the Daily Telegraph to read that diverse sexuality is a health problem, I am so sorry. This is no doubt extremely distressing and sends a message that there is something wrong with them or their kids.” Senator Rice said.

“This reads like an ill-informed article from the last century. It is 2017, we should not be reading this sort of stuff in our newspapers.

“To align being gay or lesbian next to obesity or drug addiction sends a dangerous signal that must be immediately condemned. The Daily Tele has never been sympathetic to struggling LGBTIQ students but this is something else altogether.

Senator Rice said the newspapers reporting sent a dangerous message that would cause harm to young LGBTI Australians.

“To then also headline this ridiculous statistic with ‘young Aussies only have themselves to blame’ suggests that being gay or bisexual is a choice. Of course that is not true and also sends a dangerous message.

OUTinPerth has contacted The Daily Telegraph about the article.

Graeme Watson



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