Dan Slater is in the House

Dan Slater, who may possibly be the best looking DJ in the business, is heading to Perth this month to play at Connections Nightclub. While this will be his first trip to the West Coast to DJ – he’s been here entertaining us before.

‘I’ve worked as a dancer for the last ten or twelve years. The first time I came over was in the musical Mama Mia, and then I came over two years ago to do Chicago. I’m looking forward to coming back.’

Realising that the career shelf life of a dancer has a limited time frame Slater went back to University studying marketing, and about a year ago started to learn how to DJ.

‘Music has always been in my body, growing up as a dancer. When I was younger I used to make little mix tapes… I think it was just a general progression.  I was working in the clubs occasionally and was always interested in music, so when I was given the opportunity to learn to DJ, I jumped at it.

Having spent a career dancing Slater comes to Djing with a diverse range of musical knowledge and influences and knows what kind of sounds makes someone want to dance,

‘I play house, progressive house and even tech-house, but the influences come from Europe and South America as well, all the different typers of percussion and rhythms. At the moment I’m influenced by a lot of Eurpean DJs as I’ve just come back from a trip to Barcelona.

Since launching his DJ career Slater has become a Sydney favourite playing at Nevermind, Home, Unity and other events and parties around the harbour city. The DJ is clear on what makes a great crowd,

‘A good crowd is people who aren’t afraid to have a good time, who want to dance and aren’t afraid to let themselves go.’

Dan Slater will be at Connections Nightclub on Saturday October 13 

Check out Dan’s latest Soundcloud mix below,



Graeme Watson

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