‘Dance Around the World’ singer Richinel dies aged 63

Singer Richenel has passed away aged 63 after battling lung cancer. The artist is best known for his 1986 club hit Dance Around the World. 

Born Hubertus Richenel Baars, he had hits in many countries in the late 1980’s but was especially especially successful in Scandinavia, Italy and Germany.

After studying fashion Richinel turned his attention to music, after releasing his debut single L’esclave Endormi in Holland in 1985, he released the album Statue of Desire. 

The following year he teamed up with producers Fluitsma and Van Tijn, then known for their work with artists such as Mai Tai and Dolly Dots, and they produced the song Dance Around The World. While it didn’t chart here in Australia it was played in nightclubs.

Richenel’s third album came out in 1989 and featured the track Are You Just Using Me? The song was credited to writer R.Philips, but it was really penned by George Michael.

George Michael had written the track for his friend and longtime collaborator David Austin who included it as a b-side to a single in the mid-1980s.

Richinel went on to record many more albums and explore different musical territories.

OIP Staff

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