Dannii Minogue’s ‘I Kissed a Boy’ series to air on 10Play

Dannii Minogue’s UK reality series I Kissed a Boy will be coming to streaming service 10Play from 13th September.

I Kissed a Boy sees 10 single guys whisked away to a luxury villa in Italy, they don’t get any time to chat and get to know their fellow travelers. Producers have matched then up with a potential mate and the first time they meet they have to dive into a passionate kiss.

The series aired in Britain back in May but this is the first time it’s been available to Australian audiences.

The show contains 8 regular episodes, followed by a reunion special. The BBC has announced that Minogue will host a spin-off series I Kissed a Girl where lesbians get to repeat the experience.

Alongside hosting Dannii Minogue also sings the theme tune for the show.

We Could Be the One was written by producer Ian Masterson and songwriter Hayley Sanderson. Masterson previously worked with Danni on some of her biggest hits including I Begin to Wonder and Disremembrance. Dannii wasn’t originally slated to sing the theme tune but when she heard the track she reportedly insisted it would be her vocals on the song.

Masterson has also worked with everyone from Bananarama, to Gerri Halliwell, Girls Aloud, Sheena Easton, Atomic Kitten and Pet Shop Boys. He also created the theme music to super-camp TV series Beautiful People. 

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