David Leyonhjelm worried about marriage debate descending into litigation

Liberal Democrat member Senator David Leyonhjelm is worried that following the change to the marriage laws gay activists will target conservative businesses and drag them through court. While proponents of ‘traditional marriage’ will target new businesses trying to exclusively cater the the LGBTI market.

Writing in Fairfax Media the federal representative said he was disappointed that the Turnbull government’s Ruddock Review into religious freedoms in Australia would not look into the wider issues of people who are opposed to marriage equality from a perspective other than faith.

Leyonhjelm also said that there needed to be an investigation into businesses that may want to exclusively provide wedding services to the newly established niche market of LGBTI couples.

The senator also predicts that the years ahead will be filled with court cases instigated by both sides of the marriage debate.

“It is conceivable that a same-sex couple might seek out the services of a religious celebrant known for opposition to gay marriage in order to make a point. Equally, a conservative religious couple might seek out a celebrant wishing to specialise exclusively in same-sex marriages and haul them into court.” Leyonhjelm said.

Leyopnhjelm argues that the parliament’s decision not to include amendments to the Dean Smith same-sex marriage bill means that companies who want to provide services exclusively to same-sex couples have been left vulnerable to legal action.

OIP Staff

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