Dolly Diamond is bringing her ‘Blankety Blanks’ show to Fringe World

The indomitable Dolly Diamond will be showing off her hosting skills at next year’s Fringe World festival, with her revival of the Australian game show classic Blankety Blanks Downstairs at the Maj.

Diamond will gather up six fabulous Perthonalities for a fabulous foray into variety, comedy and old school entertainment as she quizzes our local celebrities on their general knowledge – but the audience will be the real winners.

Miss Dolly gave us a buzz from Melbourne to let us know what we’d be in for.

First of all Dolly, perhaps you’d like to let some of our younger readers know what Blankety Blanks is?

“Absolutely! It was a game show obviously and it was all about getting six familiar faces, celebrities if you like, to come on and work with Dolly and our contestants get given a phrase and they have to fill in the blank of that phrase. When they’re ready to give their answer, we ask our celebrities to help them out and if they match we give them a point! The younger ones might be familiar with the Snatch Game from RuPaul’s Drag Race.”

And of course the legendary Graham Kennedy hosted the Australian version.

“Yes! People told me I’m very brave to be doing something Graham Kennedy did but of course I’m not trying to be Graham Kennedy at all. I’m my own person and having done this now in Melbourne and Ballarat for the cabaret festival, and Melbourne Fringe, it’s about getting those celebrities to be willing to make a fool of themselves… or enjoy themselves, I guess!”

Have you lined up any Perthonalities so far?

“Well when I realised I was coming over of course I had to call my mate BarbieQ! I love Barbie and so when I got a yes from Barbie that’s when I knew I was good to go. I’ve since chatted with Feminem and I’ll obviously be calling my friend Peter Rowsthorn and, well, that’s what I want for Christmas – Perth’s best Perthonalities!”

And what are you excited about at this year’s Fringe World?

Well I have to say Barbie again, and I’m a big Madonna fan so I’ll definitely be heading to that show. I’ve also got a few friends coming over with me from London so I’ll be taking them to whatever takes their fancy as well – I’m so looking forward to it!”

Dolly Diamond’s Blankety Blanks will be at Fringe World from February 12th – 16th. For tickets and more information head to

…and if you have any suggestions for Perthonalities to take part in Dolly’s show, shoot us an email to [email protected]!

Leigh Andrew Hill