Emma Matthews sings an aria from ‘La Sonnambula’ for Ghost Light Opera

This week’s episode of the WA Opera’s Ghost Light Opera series sees Emma Matthews singing Ah Non Credea from the opera La Sonnambula (The Sleepwalker).

Every Saturday night the West Australian Opera releases a clip of a performer singing a well known aria. The series takes it name from a ghost light – the single light left on the stage when a theatre is empty.

Accompanied by Tommaso Pollio, Matthews takes on one of great arias for Bel Canto sopranos, this moment forms the Act II heart of La Sonnambula. The song is sung as the sleepwalking leading lady sings of about her grief of rejected love, while sleepwalking over a dangerous bridge which she precariously traverses.

The opera was first performed in Paris in 1827 at a time when theatrical productions involving people sleepwalking were all the rage. The music was written by Vincenzo Bellini, set to an Italian libretto by Felice Romani.

Take a listen to Emma Matthews performance.

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