Equality Tasmania share results of local government election survey

In Western Australia voting in local government elections is optional, but in Tasmania citizens are required to cast a ballot.

With local government elections approaching Equality Tasmania has invited candidates to share their views on a range of issues relevant to the local LGBTIQA+ communities.

They’ve just released the preliminary results the candidate survey and they indicate the overwhelming majority of candidates who participated consider themselves to be allies to the LGBTIQA+ community.

Over half of the candidates who responded to the survey are parents, partners, family members or other close relations to LGBTIQA+ people. Importantly, 1 in 4 candidates who have responded to the survey identify as members of the LGBTIQA+ community themselves.

Most candidates surveyed across all local government areas committed to a range of actions to support the LGBTIQA+ community from flying the rainbow flag in local areas, to establishing LGBTIQA+ council advisory groups. 

Group spokesperson, Dr Ruby Grant, said, “we are pleased so many candidates have responded positively to our survey”. 
“As the tier of government closest to the community, local government has a key role to play in ensuring everyone feels respected and included”. 
Candidates who have not yet completed the survey are invited to until October 23rd.  With ballots were mailed to electors this week and polls closing on 25th of October people still have time to find about more about the people running in their local area, 
Read the full preliminary report.
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