Liberal party president Nick Greiner joins YES campaign for marriage equality

Former New South Wales Premier Nick Greiner will serve as the patron of the YES campaign for marriage equality from Coalition MPs.

Greiner is the current president of the Liberal Party and he’s shared that the campaign is one that has personal; significance for his family. Speaking to Fairfax Media, Greiner said he wanted both of his children to be allowed to wed.

“I have two kids, one of whom is in a model of a traditional marriage, one of whom is in a model of a same-sex relationship,” he told Fairfax.

“I don’t see how in heaven’s name we can ask their kids to think it’s acceptable that one partnership is inferior to the other.

“I don’t see why my grandchildren should be subject to a different state or government view of their parents’ relationship.

“This is a classic conservative issue, both in the sense of being pro-marriage, and a Liberal issue in terms of being about freedom of choice.”

Speaking to The Australian, Griener said the NO campaign has already lost the argument over marriage equality and was now focused on dragging in unrelated issues. The former Premier said politicians such as former PM Tony Abbott were changing the ground because they couldn’t win the debate on its merits.

Griener is one of several high profile current and former Liberal MPs throwing their support behind the YES campaign.

Education Minister Simon Birmingham and Financial Services Minister Kelly O’Dwyer have confirmed that they will be campaigning for a YES vote, while former Howard government minister Amanda Vanstone has also voiced support.

The group launched an advertising campaigning last night arguing that Liberal and National voters should support marriage equality.


Patron Nick Greiner on the strong liberal and conservative case for same sex marriage: stronger institutions, stronger families, more responsibility and personal choice.

Vote Yes. #LibsNatsYes

Posted by Liberals & Nationals for YES on Sunday, August 27, 2017


Griener’s decision to be part of the campaign for marriage equality has been criticised by conservative commentator Andrew Bolt.

The News Corp writer said it was inappropriate for the Liberal Party President to campaign for an issue that many Liberal and National MPs were against.

“It is inappropriate, to say the least, for the president of the Liberals to lead a campaign by one group on Liberal MPs in conflict with another. He is supposed to be a figure of unity, not division.” Bolt wrote on his blog.

Bolt said Griener’s support for campaign would just lead to more conservative voters abandoning the party in favour of rival parties including One Nation and Australian Conservatives.

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