French singer Bilal Hassani has a new tune called ‘Dead Bae’

French singer Bilal Hassani has a brand new tune. Dead Bae is off the singer’s second album Contre Soirée and it’s about breaking up with no-good boyfriends.

It’s the second track Bilal has put out in the last few weeks, following Fais Le Vide

The album is expected to be out later this year and Bilal has spoken about his desire to make a record that told a story from start to finish.

“On this album, I really wanted to tell a story, which has a beginning and an end. There’s a pretty impressive intro that sets you the scene a little bit. In reality, I wanted to create a painting, a context, a setting, but it represents life. My album tells of life and what we all expect from life is a quest for freedom, a quest for happiness…” Bilal said.

In 2019 Bilal represented France at Eurovision, coming 16th overall in the competition held in Tel Aviv.

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