San Diego hard rock band The Gay Agenda release ‘Penetrating’

San Diego’s self-described “homo riot hardcore punks” The Gay Agenda formed in 2017, released a self-titled EP in 2018, and now they’re releasing their first full-length album.

Their debut album is provocatively titled Penetrating, (and has cover art that we can’t show you on OUTinPerth). The album is out on June 5 via La Escalara Records, and if you order the vinyl version of the record you get one extra track, a cover of Bjork’s Army of Me.

The first single from the album is called Homo Riot, and features guest vocals by fellow San Diego musician Justin Pearson. If you like your music a little louder and rougher, then The Gay Agenda might be your new favourite band.

Take a listen to Homo Riot.

Track List

Homo Riot (Featuring Justin Pearson), Power Bottom, Guillotine, Dick Print, Friends Without Benefits, No One For No One, Sidewalk Sale, Cartilaginous Perseptive And Studies About The Microanatomy A Blowjob, and Masculinity Is A Prison.

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