German Film Festival includes the acclaimed ‘Till the End of the Night’

Acclaimed German film Till the End of the Night will screen as part of the German Film Festival.

The film was nominated for Best Film and the prestigious Berlin Film Festival earlier this year and it won the Silver Bear for Best Supporting Performance.

The crime-thriller undercover police investigator Robert who is tasked with gaining the trust of drug dealer Victor. To do so, he pretends to be in a relationship with the recently paroled Leni (Thea Ehre, in a Silver Bear-winning role for Best Supporting Performance), as the police hope her ties with the felon will help to infiltrate the organisation.

While the plan initially works smoothly, their fake relationship is rocky from the start. Leni is transgender, and Robert, who is gay, was once in love with her former self. While they soon have the criminal in their sights, their buried feelings sit close to the surface and ultimately, drug dealer Victor is the one who forces Robert to confront his conflicting feelings of love.

The German Film Festival comes to Perth from 4 – 24 May and there are multiple screenings of this film at Palace Raine Square, Luna Leederville and Luna on SX in Fremantle.

Take a look at the trailer. 

OIP Staff

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