Get the facts about Monkeypox at the WAAC mythbusting forum

The number of Moneypox cases being detected in Western Australia remains low, but vigilance is needed to ensure there is no community spread.

The first case was announced back in early August, and to date there have only been seven cases, all were overseas travelers. Globally though there are now over 65,000 cases, the large majority of them occurring in countries that did not previously experience the virus.

To help ensure everyone has the right facts about the virus WAAC is holding an information session on Tuesday 4th October at City Farm.

It’s a chance to get all the latest information about monkeypox, including myth-busting information from our experts, the latest on vaccines, and your questions answered by our panel of professionals.

Dr. Fergus McCabe will be on hand to help dispel the myths and rumours about monkeypox, and to help set the record straight on what it is, how it spreads, and if you should be concerned.

The Department of Health will also be heading along to talk to you about the vaccine rollout in WA, as well as who is eligible for their vaccines, where you can book an appointment, and to help answer your questions.

If you are interested in finding out all the latest about monkeypox, vaccines, and more from some of the leading professionals in Perth, register your interest to attend the event. You can even submit a question anonymously during your registration if there is anything you would like to ask.

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