Hermitude emerge for the new year with new single ‘St Claire’

This week ARIA-chart topping duo, Luke Dubber (Dubs) and Angus Stuart (El Gusto) aka Hermitude return with their new single, St Claire.

Born from a writing trip to New Zealand’s southern coastal city, Dunedin, and later recorded in their Blue Mountains-based hometown of Blackheath, St Claire marks a visceral re-energising and musical homecoming for the pair, following their previous LP, Pollyanarchy, released in 2019.

From an Airbnb kitchen facing the calm waves of the South Pacific Ocean, Luke Dubs and El Gusto set up a tiny studio and laid down the beats that would later become this week’s single.

Electronic in flavour, the journey of St Claire is one that’s irresistible and enjoyable. Reconnecting to their surroundings throughout its creation, as the duo say they navigated a new chapter in their lives and careers, heard the progressive back-bone of their creativity shine and re-emerged with no limits on the track.

“We were flying to Japan, it was late February 2020 and we had a gig in Hakuba, a snow village east of Tokyo. I remember being in the gate at Sydney airport, Dubs and I were deep in conversation. We were talking about where to go with the next sound of Hermitude, the next body of work.”

“The song, born in a small beach town with the same name in Dunedin New Zealand. We were still ironing out the last couple of songs from Pollyanarchy, but mostly this week was for creating new works. ‘St Claire’ was born that week and it was refreshing, it was different, for us definitely. There was a mood to it that instantly grabbed us, we knew this was something special.”

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