Hungary introduces ban on all LGBTIQ+ information to minors


Hungary has passed laws which ban any portrayals of homosexuality or “non-traditional” gender presentations being shown to minors. Supporters of the bill say it will crackdown on paedophilia, but human rights groups have labeled the move as explicit discrimination against LGBTIQ+ people.

The bill was put forward by the ruling Fidesz party, which is led by President Viktor Orban. It was passed in the National Assembly by 157 votes to 1. The only person voting against the bill was an independent, the opposition parties did not attend the vote in an act of protest.

The legislation incudes clauses which ban representation of any sexual orientation except heterosexuality, and ban any mention of people being transgender. The rules apply to education in schools, and any films, television programs or advertisements. that potentially could be seen by minors.

In recent years the Orban government has been ramping up laws focusing on the LGBTIQ+ communities, in 2020 laws which limit adoption to married heterosexual couples were passed, and there was also legislation to prevent transgender people from changing their gender on any identity documents.

The ban on mentions of LGBTIQ+ people to minors has been compared to the so-called ‘gay propaganda laws’ that were passed in Russia in 2013. Human rights officials have recorded that those laws became an impetus for people to harass and assault gay, lesbian and transgender Russians.

Thousands of people protested against the laws ahead of the Hungarian parliament passing the legislation, and the organisers of Budapest’s Pride Parade are adamant that their event will go ahead next month as an opportunity for people to show their solidarity with the LGBTIQ+ communities.

Amnesty International described the passing of the legislation as a “dark day for human rights”

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has spoken out against the news laws implemented in Turkey saying they are “in total conflict” with the values of the European Union. Rutte said he would be asking Holland’s Foreign Minister, Sigrid Kaag, to ask the European Union to “do everything” possible to bring take action against Turkey.

The Turkish president has denied the legislation contravenes the values of the European Union, posting to his English language website Oran said the recent changes “does not conflict with any lofty ideals or European laws. The new Hungarian law simply states clearly that only parents can decide on the sexual education of their children”.

Local LGBTIQ+ media is also concerned that the laws will prevent them from distribute their publication. Zsolt Eredi, editor of local magazine Humen spoke to Reuters and shared his concern that the magazine, which is currently a free street press publication, would be banned. Their website will now have to carry a warning saying it is restricted to people over the age of eighteen.

Lyle Shelton

Lyle Shelton from the Christian Democrats say Australia should follow Hungary’s lead

Speaking on his weekly YouTube program The Lyle Shelton Show, the next leader of the Christian Democrats in New South Wales, said the passing of the Hungarian laws was “good news”.

“Banning the teaching of gender fluid ideology and homosexuality to children, now that’s progressive,” Shelton said.

“Hallelujah, finally some politicians with some courage.” Shelton said in his video, adding that in his view more action needed to be taken to stop “rainbow activists” from having influence in Australian classrooms.

“We should follow Hungary’s example and protect children from radical rainbow gender fluid and sexual concepts in the classroom. Legislation might be the only way.”

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