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It Gets Better fundraising at Murdoch O-Day

The It Gets Better Australia Project team now has a chapter at Murdoch University as it expands its operations and brand in Australia. IGBA National Director Jamison Parker attended Murdoch University Orientation Day where his team of local volunteers were fundraising. Parker said the organisation had received ‘a lot of interest’ but the team was still trying to promote it.

‘We’ve done launches in Perth, Melbourne and Newcastle now. We’ve got a big launch planned for Sydney,’ Parker said.

‘We’re currently waiting for the tax-free status from the ATO [Australian Taxation Office] so as far as fundraising is concerned, we want to push the brand out as much as we can but we can’t actually do much without it.’

Parker said raising awareness about the project and its work was proving to be harder than anticipated.

‘We’re surprised so many people didn’t know about the project so its really interesting, spreading the word and getting people on board that didn’t already know.’

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Written By Graeme Watson

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