Jordan Bruno tells us what’s on the menu at his PrideFEST cooking class

My Kitchen Rules alum and Mr Gay World 2018 Jordan Bruno is inviting you to join him in the kitchen for a special cooking class this PrideFEST.

We caught up with Jordan for a quick chat about what to expect from tomorrow night’s event.

You’ve been a very busy man since you hit the spotlight after MKR and Mr Gay World – give our readers a rundown of what you’ve been up to over the last months?

Well there’s lots going on mate! Happy to be recording an LGBTIQ+ podcast with some local queer talent, started studying my marriage celebrancy course and I’ve also got my food truck business on the go.

In early 2021 I will be running a pop up restaurant at the Fringe Pleasure Gardens too. Otherwise it’s just the usual hustle of cooking classes keeping me busy with my boyfriend and puppy, Mango.

I think your fans will also want to know… how’s your mum? Are you still collaborating in the kitchen?

Yep she is going great! These days we both run different food businesses but always pop on over to help the other prep, plan and cook. She has a cannoli business and has started a catering business at a local RSL in Yokine.

After a tough year, PrideFEST is a great way to connect and come together with community – what role do you think food plays in connecting us?

I mean we all have to eat, right? But food is a genuinely great way for people to connect and share a conversation.

There isn’t one culture in the world that doesn’t use meal times as a way to connect with friends and family, so I think food plays a huge part in starting conversations and giving a reason for people to catch up.

What can people expect from a pasta masterclass?

Its going to be a little cheeky and an enormous amount of fun. Firstly, you can expect to learn how to make three different variations of homemade pasta, and eat each variety as we make it.

You’ll also leave with recipes for lasagna sheets, linguini and ravioli. As for the entertainment, I plan on just being relaxed, talking about all things queer and having a laugh with everyone attending.

What’s on the horizon for Jordan Bruno?

Great question and I’m not entirely sure just yet. I had some things booked in the States and South Africa but that has obviously been pushed due to COVID.

I think for the next three months (that’s all that I can plan at once), I’ll just focus on my pop up restaurant, queer podcast (Gaggle) and finishing off this celebrancy course so I can marry ALL the homosexuals.

Where can people connect with you outside of PrideFEST?

I’m at most food festivals in Western Australia and I’ll be at Fringe! Otherwise I’m looking to join the Tridents, Gay Rowing Club, so come have a go with me.

Jordan Bruno: The Naked Chef Cooking School is on Tuesday 17th November at The Rechabite from 6:30pm. For more information, head to

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