Journalist Shannon Molloy pressured to quit gay rights group

Journalist Shannon Molloy has quit as a director of the New South Wales Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby (NSW GLRL) following a social media campaign criticising his involvement in the organisation.

Molloy, who works for News Corp, has written extensively about his personal experiences of homophobia and bullying, and has authored articles supporting the Safe Schools Coalition program.

The NSW GLRL was questioned about whether it was appropriate for a staff member of News Corp to a member of its board.

The publisher of many of Australian’s most read newspapers has faced regular criticism for publishing a high level of opinion pieces and articles that are critical of LGBTI rights, marriage equality and programs to stop the bullying of LGBTI high school students.

It has been reported that both Molloy and the organisation were inundated with emails calling for him to step down from the board.

Molloy announced his resignation from the gay rights organisation and has subsequently deleted his twitter account.

The NSW GLRL has issued a statement of support clarifying that they did not ask for his resignation and condemned the actions of the online activists who called for his resignation.

The action by campaigners opposed to News Corp has been heavily criticised by members of the LGBTI communities and journalists.

Former Labor leader Mark Latham said that the situation was the fault of gay journalists themselves who push “identity politics”.

Molloy has responded to the controversy in an article published at The Australian describing the incident as bullying.


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