July On The Spot with Hannah Hugessen



We caught up with local girl Hannah Hugessen and asked her 20 random questions.


What type of dog would you be? Border collie

Which Disney movie best describes your life? Mulan

What is the best flavor milkshake?
Vanilla malt

If one of your body parts had to turn purple which would you choose?
One of my ears

What sort of hat best describes you?
My jellyfish beanie. Its name is Fuff.

What’s your ultimate fantasy pet?
A house cat the size of a tiger

The biggest relationship dealbreaker is… Snoring

What’s the last thing you made with your hands? I taught a 5 year old how to plait.

What can’t you live without? Nail clippers.

What super power would you choose?
Shapeshifting like an Animorph

What poster hung on your wall in high school? Legolas

What was your first CD? The Wombats

Who would you like to be tied to for 24 hours? Emma Watson

Who is your fictional crush? Ygritte from Game of Thrones

Which famous family would you like to belong to? The one in Easy A

What was the last dream you remember?
A shark ate an arm and a leg from each side so I wouldn’t be lopsided

What was the last movie you hated?
Soul Surfer

If you could transplant yourself into any film what would it be? Star Wars before all the Jedi died.

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