Just.equal say Eden-Monaro result shows scare campaigns don’t work

National LGBTIQ+ lobby group, just.equal, say the anti-transgender ad campaign run against Labor ahead of the Eden-Monaro by-election has backfired, with Labor regaining the seat.

In response, the group has called on the Coalition to repudiate anti-LGBTIQ+ election campaigning and for Labor to take a stronger stance against it.

Kristy McBain, Labor’s candidate, has claimed victory in the closely fought by-election. The election was called when sitting Labor member Mike Kelly resigned due to health concerns. During the campaign anti-transgender organisation Binary released an attack ad against McBain highlighting her support for LGBTIQ equality and her support for the Safe Schools program while she was in local government.

Just.equal spokesperson, Brian Greig, said the result in Eden-Monaro over the weekend show scare campaigns do not work.

“Eden-Monaro has proven again that politicised fear-mongering against LGBTIQ people is a vote loser in Australia.”

“We urge anti-LGBTIQ groups to recognise the damage their election scare campaigns inflict on vulnerable LGBTIQ people, and on their own cause.”

“We also urge the Coalition to speak out against anti-LGBTIQ+ electioneering and for Labor to stand more strongly for equality and against the current nationwide campaigns demonising transgender people.”

The former Democrats senator served in the Australian parliament from 1999 until 2005, and was the first federal parliamentarian to note his homosexuality in an inaugural speech. He says that the the Australian people have come a long way on LGBTIQ+ rights issues.

“The Eden-Monaro by-election shows everyday Australians reject anti-LGBTIQ+ election campaigns, and if the major parties want to win their support, they should too.”

Greig warned that if the major parties continued to play-down or ignore attacks on the LGBTIQ+ community, the same fear tactics would erupt in the 2022 federal election.

“Anti-LGBTIQ+ campaigners will target multiple seats across western Sydney and the nation as a whole with their fear mongering about transgender people, school inclusion programs and the non-existent threat to religious freedom.

“All political leaders must call this out and defend LGBTIQ+ equality.” the former Senator said.

During the by-election campaign it was also highlighted that Liberal candidate Fiona Kotvojs had previously been a vocal opponent of marriage equality.

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