Kylie shares more ‘Tension’ tracks with Bonus Deluxe Edition

Fans are loving Kylie Minogue’s new album Tension and now they can get their hands on two additional tracks thanks to the new ‘Bonus Deluxe Edition’.

The standard version of the alum has 11 tracks, while the Deluxe Edition has an additional three tunes. Now Kylie has added another version which has two more tracks and it’s available via her website.

The two additional tracks are both written by Minogue and her regular collaborators Biff Stannard, Duck Blackwell and Jon Green.

The first new track Heavenly Body sees Kylie singing about how a lover is like something that fell from the sky. With a rolling house beat and a catchy chorus it’s surprising this track didn’t make the cut for the standard version of the album.

The second tune Drum lives up to its percussive title with manic beats and Kylie giving an “Ow-Wey-Ow” chant and staccato vocals. The break-up song sees Kylie reflecting on a failed romance, before declaring she’ll dance to the beat of her own drum.

Listen to our track by track review of Tension.

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