Lecture explores the future development of women in sport

Professor Sophia Nimphius will explore and examine the rise of women in sport and look at a different approach to understanding and interpreting research on female athletes.

As part of the ECU Lecture Series, Professor Nimphius’ presentation is inspired by a renewed interest in “training the female athlete”, sparked by the professionalism of women in sport.

“Such a focus brings about the opportunity for widespread positive impact. However, we must also examine what research has stated we “know” about female athletes,” the event description explains.

“Most research evaluating female athletes comes to generalised conclusions on physical capability and risk to injury. But are these true? How does this inform the practices, policies and future of women in sport?”

Professor Nimphius will combine her research, lived and industry experience to reframe commonly accepted facts and misconceptions about female athletes, and provide a different perspective that could directly influence the future of women in sport.

The lecture will be held on Friday 23rd April at ECU Joondalup Campus from 3:45pm. For more information head to trybooking.com

Leigh Andrew Hill

Declaration: OUTinPerth co-editor Graeme Watson is an employee of Edith Cowan University.

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