Advocates call on Mark McGowan to set a timetable for LGBTI+ reforms

Following the WA Labor Government’s thumping election victory, LGBTIQ advocates are seeking a meeting with Premier Mark McGowan to set a timetable for LGBTI law reform.

just.equal WA spokesperson, Brian Greig, said WA had falled behind other states and attention was urgently needed.

“It has been 20 years since a WA Labor government addressed comprehensive LGBTIQ law reform and over the last two decades we have fallen well behind other states in a range of critical and emerging areas.

“This includes issues like banning conversion practices, protecting teachers and school children from discrimination, allowing people who are transgender to arrange appropriate identity documents and legislating against unnecessary surgeries on intersex babies.”

“Today, we have written to Premier McGowan seeking a meeting to discuss a timetable for reform and a commitment to progress a suite of legislative repair.”

In 2001, following a huge election win, Labor responded to long overdue LGBTIQ law reform with its ‘McGinty’ omnibus legislation under the previous Gallop government.

“Now is the time for ‘McGowan 2.0’ to build upon the McGinty reforms, and bring WA up to date in the post-marriage equality world of 2021.”

Greig said that the fate of key candidates shows the WA electorate is ready for LGBTIQ+ reform.

“One of Labor’s strongest LGBTIQ community allies, Terry Healy, received an unprecedented swing in his favour in Perth’s southern suburbs, while Liberal candidate, Amanda Sue Markham, publicly linked to anti-LGBTIQ views during the election campaign, suffered a strong adverse swing.”

“These results confirm the high Yes vote recorded by WA during the 2017 marriage postal survey.”

“Clearly, the WA electorate wants our state to be an inclusive and equitable place for LGBTIQ people,” Greig said.

In the lead up to the election the McGowan Government cited several areas where it had taken action on LGBTI issues including the Historical Homosexual Convictions Expungement Act, and changes to the gender recognition act in the wake of marriage equality being achieved.

The government also highlighted that it had improved policies for transgender people who were incarcerated, and developed a five year health strategy for the LGBTIQ communities.

However it has been highlighted that the funding to put the health strategy into practice has not been guaranteed, while the government has taken no action on banning conversion therapy or addressing shortcomings in the anti-discrimination act.

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