LGBTIQA+ election surveys released – see where the parties stand

Just.Equal Australia has released responses to its election survey. The group canvassed a wide range of LGBTIQA+ issues.

The issues were based on results of a survey Just.Equal conducted in the LGBTIQA+ community which asked respondents to identify their top priorities for this election.

Long-time LGBTIQA+ human rights advocate, Rodney Croome, said the survey was provided to give LGBTIQA+ voters and their allies an overview of where the different parties stood on key issues.

“Are goal is to inform LGBTIQA+ voters about where the parties and candidates stand on issues that matter to us.”

The fist survey asked LGBTIQA+ voters to identify their top concerns in the election, 2,180 people completed to survey.

Removing discrimination enjoyed by faith based organisations was one of the top concerns, alongside ensuring protections for families in federal law. Improving LGBTIQA+ safety and inclusion in schools was also an area high priority, as was ensuring aged care was inclusive of older members of the LGBTIQA+ communities.

Adequately funding LGBTIQA+ community organisations and and ensuring government departments such as health, education, police, justice, and the Prime Minister’s Department adequately liaised with community representatives was also a priority area.

Suicide prevention, mental health, tackling homelessness, ensuring Indigenous Australians were recognised, and tackling family violence also rose to the top of the pile of issues people were interested in. There was also a focus on ensuring LGBTIQA+ people are captured by the census, and barriers to gay men donating blood were removed.

Allowing greater coverage of gender confirmation surgery by Medicare also ranked of an issue of importance, as did introducing legislation to prevent unconsented and deferrable medical interventions for people who are intersex.

Click through to the report to see where each major party lies on the key issues identified by community members. You can also see responses from independent candidates Zoe Daniel who is running in the seat of Goldstein in Victoria, and Monique Ryan who is a candidate in neighboring Kooyong.

Equality Tasmania share their survey results too

Equality Tasmania have also shared a survey sharing the result of questions put to candidates in their state.

Ahead of tomorrow’s federal election, Equality Tasmania asked parties and candidates a number of questions about protecting the state’s gold-standard LGBTIQA+ laws from being overridden by the federal government.

The group received responses from Labor, the Greens, the Local Party, the Lambie Network, Bridget Archer and Andrew Wilkie.

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