Love Letters: Ron and Michael’s wedding will be bigger than Ben Hur

The opponents of marriage equality have claimed that the survey on marriage equality is about everything from education programs, to freedom of speech, to fighting political correctness.

We know that the call for equality is simply just recognising the love between two people, and their desire the formalise that commitment before their friends and families.

As we fight for the right to be able to get married to our loved ones, we’re sharing stories of LGBTI couples, and we want you to send us your story, like many couples have already done.

Meet Michael and Ron!

Who are you?

Ron and Michael.

How did you meet?

We met 19 years ago at a men’s health sauna. A few years before this Mike used to see me but was never inspired to approach me simply because he thought the interest might not be reciprocated!

How long have you been a couple?

We have been together 19 years on the 10th of December. We are together 24/7 . We work together and spend about 99% of our time together.

What’s your favourite thing about each other?

Feeling safe to always be ourselves. Allowing each other to be self expressed.

…and we are both hot for each other!

I guess we have the same integrity and trust we have had from the beginning.        

What has been a big moment in your relationship?

Wow… there have been too many to choose. Probably the day my family accepted the fact our love for each other was no different to, dare I say it… a hetero relationship.    

Why do you want to see marriage equality in Australia?

We are really wanting the same equality and civil rights of every consenting adult to legally marry the person they want to spend their days with.

How do you foresee your wedding day?

Bigger than Ben Hur… we have so many friends who would be very upset if they couldn’t get to see us hitched..

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