Luciana: Pride’s Grande Dame


Electroqueen Luciana is coming back to Perth for The Court Hotel’s massive Neon Street Party this Saturday. We chatted to the killer producer about what to expect at her upcoming show.

What’s been happening in Luciana’s world since we spoke last year?

Bloody hell, where do I start? I think my most exciting news is that we won best progressive house track at the WMC in Miami for Arcadia.  I co-hosted the awards so it was an extra treat. I also have got a bit of momentum going with my DJ-ing. I kept getting asked if I could add a DJ set to my performance because those who knew me knew I used to do a bit of DJ-ing in London, so I’m quite excited about that. I have been working very closely with KSHMR (Niles from the Cataracs) so expect some fun collabs there. There’s lots more boring stuff like I tiled my utility room floor but I’m sure you don’t want to know about that.

You’re coming to Perth to help us celebrate Pride – what does Pride mean to you?

I think Pride for me is about looking back. Seeing how far we have come and how much more we can do for equality. It’s a time to reflect on all those who didn’t make it to where we are today. I feel the younger generation would benefit from knowing their history because so many gave so much just so we can stand up and say ‘I am what I am!’ Of course, it’s a time to believe in yourself and show the world who you are. It’s not all about getting drunk and wasted (even though we love to). Let’s get some politics back into Pride!

Last time you were here, you turned the party in an outfit made of straws! How are you going to top that?

I don’t think I could ever top that one. What an amazing creation by Jeffrey Bryant. It’s just been selected for a fashion exhibition in Paris. I was so excited to hear but I was like… wait, does that mean I have to give it back? So yes, she’s off to Paris without me.

As an electronic icon, adored by the gay community, you must interact with a lot of drag queens – what do you look for in a queen? Do you have a favourite?

Oh my god! I love drag queen humour. They make me laugh so much. Just being around them is always so much fun. From the serious high end queens who could pass in the Folies Bergère to the bougie drag in San Francisco they all are unique. I just love them. I could never say I have a favourite because those bitches will cut you! Seriously, I love them all but Courtney Act is a friend of mine.  I think what they do is art.

Your collaboration with Will Sparks (Sick Like That) is a certified banger – what drew you to collaborate with the breakout Aussie DJ?

To be honest, I hear so many tracks from people who want me to write with them. If the track is good and makes me want to dance then we are on to something. As soon as I heard the beat for ‘Sick Like That’ – I was hooked. Will came round the house and played the track – we literally wrote that track in about 30 minutes. A record time for me! I just love it so much.

What’s next for Luciana in 2015?

I want to pursue my DJ-ing. After so many years of just performing my tracks, it’s great to get to party longer with my fans and share the music I love myself. I’m going to continue working with other DJ producers if the track is right. Who knows? But I’m so happy about getting to come to Australia again. You just don’t know what’s around the corner!

Can we expect to see even more of Luciana in Australia? Can we convince you to stay for the summer?

Yes, you can. I love it here. There are so many things that are homely for me in Australia. As well as having family here, there are little things like fish and chips and pie and mash that makes me happy. The track with Will Sparks has seen a reach with a new audience here, so I’m so lucky to get the chance to come over. I think I just convinced myself!

Luciana will be at The Court Hotel’s Neon Street Party on Saturday 21st November along with Ricki-Lee, Paulini and your girl Hannah Conda. Tickets available from

Leigh Hill

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