Lyle Shelton says fear drove people to vote for marriage equality

Lyle Shelton, the former head of the Australian Christian Lobby, who headed the failed ‘No’ campaign against marriage equality, says the majority of people who voted for marriage equality were driven by fear.

Since losing the postal survey, and stepping down from his role at the ACL, Shelton launched a failed political career running for the a spot in the senate as an Australian Conservative, and he’s published a book sharing his experiences as a political lobbyist. His latest venture being a commentator on conservative media site The Good Sauce.

In his latest video Shelton looks back on the postal survey three years on from the vitriolic debate it spawned, and accuses the Yes campaign of lying to the Australian public.

“In the year’s leading up to the historical 2017 postal plebiscite, and then again during the three month campaign, Australians were told there would be no consequences, the only people affected would be the loving couple, remember that? This of course was a lie.” Shelton said.

“Fear of being labeled a bigot drove a majority of Australians sadly to vote ‘yes’.” Shelton said.

The lobbyist turned vlogger said the fact that he was being taken to the Civil and Administrative Tribunal in Queensland by drag queens who objected to a blog post he wrote earlier this year was proof that marriage equality campaigners had not been honest.

“I’mĀ  before the Queensland State Civil and Administrative Tribunal forĀ speaking for the rights of children to be protected from harmful gender fluid indoctrination by LGBTIQA+ drag queens in public libraries.” Shelton claimed.

The former ACL leader also cited the case of Perth couple Byron and Keira Hordyk, who were rejected as potential foster parents after they said they would teach a foster child that being gay was a sin that could be overcome, as an example of same sex marriage impinging people’s religious beliefs.

Shelton also criticised former AFL women’s player Moana Hope and her wife Isabella Carlstrom’s announcement that they’d welcomed a child via IVF treatment. Shelton said the couple had been selfish by bringing a child into the world and robbed the baby of having a father.

“I don’t deny that those women can raise that baby and show love and even do a good job as parents, but who is it to decide that a baby is denied the love of their father, or the case of two men denying a child the love of a father.”

Shelton said he was now on a mission to stop “gender indoctrination” in public libraries and protect religious freedoms.

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