Madonna accuses Tory Lanez of illegally sampling ‘Into the Groove’


Madonna has accused musician Tory Lanez of illegally sampling her 80’s hit Into the Groove.

“Read your messages for illegal usage of my song get into the groove!” Madonna posted to her Instagram account tagging the singer, suggesting that he had not responded to private messages.

It’s suspected that Madonna is referring to the track Pluto’s Last Comet, off of his ’80s inspired album Alone At Prom which very clearly has the opening chords of Madonna’s 80 hit, and the distinctive groove and melody are repeated throughout the song.

Lanez’s latest album came on December 10th, while Madonna’s song was first released back in 1985 to coincide with her starring role in the film Desperately Seeking Susan.  The song was written by Madonna and Stephen Bray.

Madonna’s previously allowed Dannii Minogue to sample Into the Groove for a interpolation with her song Don’t Want To Lose This Feeling. 

Lanez is yet to publicly respond to Madonna’s concerns.

Madonna set to release a stack of music in 2022

2022 will mark 40 years since Madonna’s first single Everybody was released. The singer is reportedly planning a series of reissues of her back catalogue with deluxe editions of all 17 of her previous albums planned.

Madonna recently signed a new record deal which sees her return to Warner Bros after her previous three albums were released by Universal.

Madonna recently posted pictures of herself in the studio with rapper Swae Lee and vocal engineer Lauren D’Elia, indicating that she was also working on a new album to follow up 2019’s Madame X.  Madonna previously collaborated with Swae Lee on the track Crave

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