Magda Szubanski to host new series of ‘The Weakest Link’

Comedian and actor Magda Szubanski will host a new series of the game show The Weakest Link.

The show, which originated in the UK, always had very temperamental and often mean hosts, qualities not normally associated which the much-loved Australian entertainer.

I’ve pretended to be nice my whole career – now I finally get to play myself.” Szubanski said of her appointment. “No, I will not be making the contestants look stupid. They’re perfectly capable of doing that themselves.

“Weakest Link is right up my alley. I love to watch people squirm, and not in a sexy way. I look forward to hosting some of Australia’s best and brightest… just not on this show.”

The show first appeared on British television in the year 2000 and was hosted by the ‘Queen of Mean’ Anne Robinson. Robinson hosted 1,963 outings of the show over a 12 year period. When an Australian version was launched on Channel 7 in 2001 and ran for just one year. Australian actress Cornelia Frances, famous for her appearances on soap operas Home & Away and Sons and Daughters, was the host. Frances died in 2018.

The new version of the show with Magda as host will air on Channel Nine.

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