Marloe. embraces bisexuality on new EP ‘the pieces in between’

Brisbane’s pop sweetheart Marloe. has opened up her world and delivered her second studio EP the pieces in between.

At the beginning of 2021, Marloe. was going through a wave of emotional findings and a new chapter in her songwriting. Hitting the studio with Brisbane’s up and coming producer HARRY FOX, Marloe. left no stone unturned in the creation of the EP.

Themes of love, confusion, sexual awakening and hopefulness are the centrepiece of the pieces in between.

Having worked with Grammy-nominated producer Matt Bronleewe, Marloe. knows the rigorous ask to write, record and perform at the highest level. Finding success in the US, she landed a Nissan ad and a #1 single on What’s In-Store Music Charts which has over 1 million streams on Spotify alone.

Her sophomore EP shows enormous growth as an artist, and her recent highlights of supporting Eves Karydas and co-writing a song with Kate Miller-Heidke, signal its time for Marloe. to take the next step.

The most courageous story behind the EP was Marloe.’s journey towards self-expression and acceptance as a bisexual woman. Her willingness and that of her fiancé to accept and thrive within her strength gives this EP the emotional spirit and freedom to empower everyone.

the pieces in between is about all of the tiny fragments of ourselves we usually hide away from the world,” Marloe. said of the EP.

“It’s about saying the things we’ve been told not to, exposing our addictions, kissing the girls, being a victim to our minds and overall just letting go of the bullshit and being unapologetically ourselves.”

“I spent many many hours in the studio with my producer HARRY FOX writing these songs, leaving a little piece of myself in each and everyone one,” Marloe. continues.

“If the EP were a book, each song would represent a different chapter in my life, all shaping the parts of who I am today. I hope you enjoy it.”

Marloe.’s the pieces in between is out now.

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