Meet the monsters of ‘The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula’ season 5

Drag icons and horror aficionados The Boulet Brothers are back with the fifth season of their monstrous drag competition.

11 drag performers will be facing extermination as they crawl their way to the finale and a chance to become the fifth crowned Drag Supermonster.

The US-based series allows international performers to compete, first seen with the inclusion of South Korea’s Hoso Terra Toma in season 4 and all-star series Titans, and this season casts the net even wider.

Season 5 stars US performers Blackberri, Cynthia Doll, Fantasia Gaga Royale, Jarvis Hammer, Jay Kay, Onyx Ondyx, Satanna and Throb Zombie, alongside the UK’s Anna Phylactic, China’s Niohuru X and Argentina’s Orkgotik.

The season also includes two drag kings, Jarvis and Throb, who have big shoes to fill after the domination of season 3 by the show’s first drag king competitor Landon Cider.

Meet the monsters below!

The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula season 5 premieres on Shudder this Halloween.

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