Mike Pence’s gay rights rabbit, Marlon Bundo, dies

Marlon Bundo, the rabbit that was the family pet of former US Vice-President Mike Pence has died. Bundo became an unexpected champion of LGBTIQA+ rights in 2018.

Charlotte Pence Bond, Pence’s daughter, announced Bundo’s death in posts on social media.

“Somehow, you taught me how to always try to be kind first and never stop making an effort to get along. We had some wild times together and I’m forever grateful. Rest in sweet peace, little bunny,” she wrote.

The pets of the US President and Vice-President often enjoy an unexpected level of media coverage. Current President Joe Biden is a lover of German Shepherds, while Barrack Obama shared the White House with Bo and Sunny, two Portuguese Water dogs, there was probably a point in Bill Clinton’s presidency where Buddy the Chocolate Retriever was his room mate.

Marlo Bundo, the VP’s rabbit probably is the most famous of them all.

Back in 2018 Vice President, who is famous for his anti-LGBTI views, promoted a book about his family’s pet rabbit.

The book was written by his daughter Charlotte Pence, and illustrated by his wife, Karen Pence. The book explained what its like to be Vice President on the United States from the perspective of the rabbit.

Comedian John Oliver and the team from Last Week Tonight released their own book featuring Pence’s pet rabbit Marlon Bundo, except in their story Marlon was a gay rabbit who falls in love with another boy rabbit named Wesley. It became a best-seller and raised money for LGBTIQA+ organisations.

BOTUS (Bunny of the United States) had a lot of achievements during his decade long life. He was the first rabbit to have travelled on Air Force Two, had his own Instagram account, and was the subject of four children’s books. He joined the Pence family when Charlotte Pence bought him to appear in a college film project.

While the publisher of the official Marlon Bundo books was at first critical of the move by the Last Week Tonight team, they later recognised that it had lead to an significant increase in the sales of their books too.

Charlotte Pence voiced her support for the A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo book saying the LGBTIQA+ charities it raised money for were one’s she could get behind.  The book has been one of the most challenged in US Libraries over the last decade with it often appearing on lists of the most banned books.

Rest in Power Marlon Bundo, our condolences to Wesley.

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