Miss Double Demerits Retires

Miss Double Demerits has announced her official retirement; a decision stemming from an injury that doctors say could disable her if she continues to perform in high heels.

During a recent dress rehearsal, Demerits snapped a joint in her ankle. Unaware of the severity of the situation, Demerits continued to dance without medical attention throughout the run through – ‘I was standing up and my ankle was at an angle. I’ve been told if I don’t stop performing in heels I’ll need surgery or lose the ability to walk’, she said.

The decision involved other contributing factors; Demerits spoke of how her style of performance had been exhausted on the club scene. ‘My work has always been kind of eccentric and theatrical and really production based, it doesn’t really lend itself to being hired for other peoples work’.

The performance life of Demerit has taken another course, ‘luckily the last few months have led me in the direction of more theatre based work, and have given me the opportunity to produce and direct shows, which I’m really passionate about. So that’s where I’m kind of heading now.’

Demerit’s last official performance will take place at ClubWest on Saturday, August 11. Demerit is promising an exciting show consisting of three performances.

‘I’ve got a duet with my drag sister, it’s a big jazz number but it will be quite emotional for me. I’ve got a big emotional ballad for the final number.’

Miss Double Demerits is not completely dead, although club performances aren’t on the agenda, she assures to make social appearances at local gay clubs.

Image: Angelo Di-Benedetto


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