Monkeypox vaccine available for people at high risk

Sexual health provider M Clinic have announced the requirements for someone to be eligible for the vaccine in Western Australia.

On Friday the clinic announced that initially the vaccine would only be offered to those at high risk of contracting the virus, stipulating that to be eligible people must meet one of two criteria.

Firstly people who have been a sexual partner of a person who has already tested positive for monkeypox will be offered the vaccine.

Secondly, the vaccine will be available to people who have rash or pimple like legions, and have been overseas in the last three weeks, and can confirm that they attended a sex on premises venue or a large dance party.

The advice lists UK, Europe, Brazil or North America are countries people might have travelled to be eligible for the vaccine.

The M Clinic also asks people who experience symptoms of the virus, who fall outside the parameters for the vaccine to contact them.

The Australian government have secured 450,000 doses of the latest vaccine for the virus, with 22,000 does arriving in the country this week.

To read the latest information on monkeypox visit Healthy WA

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