Grahame Morris: Western Australia isn’t ready for marriage equality

Grahame Morris

Former Liberal party advisor  Grahame Morris has made headline around the world after he delivered a barrage of insults at the Irish for bringing in marriage equality.

“I love the Irish… but these are people who can’t grow potatoes,” Morris said during a debate on Sky News.

He then went on to describe the shamrock, as a “mutant lawn weed” before mocking Irish accents.

Mr Morris said there was no need for Australia to follow Irelands lead arguing that the Australian electorate were not ready for marriage equality.

Despite polls showing a high level of support Morris said regional areas and most of Western Australia were not ready for marriage equality.

“You run around Queensland, you run around the bush in New South Wales, run around most of Western Australia, run around Tasmania – they’re not ready.” Morris told host David Speers while appearing on the program PM Agenda.

Morris said if you pushed people to support marriage equality too soon, you’d have to wait an extra ten years. Morris compared the campaign for marriage equality to the push for Australia to become a republic.

Morris is a long standing advisor to the Liberal party and a former Chief of Staff to Prime Minister John Howard.

Watch the clip below. 

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