Queer artist mxmtoon is still dancing at her ‘sad disco’

Rising star mxmtoon returns with her new album rising, which will be released on May 20th on AWAL. The now Brooklyn-based artist also shares new song sad disco which is out now.

“I’m so excited to be able to come to Australia this October! I’ve been wanting to play shows there for so long and it feels crazy that it’s finally able to happen,” mxmtoon said of her upcoming dates in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

“I am scared of the bugs though, I heard they are really big, so I may need some help :)”

sad disco, is an electrifying dance party for one inspired by the stacks of ABBA records that comforted her during her year of lost time. Backed by fluorescent synthesizers and tessellated drums, Maia offers a sharp scene of a teenager stranded at home, finding comfort in moving and singing along when “you’re bored and alone.”

It’s a three-minute revelation for mxmtoon and her unapologetic disco indulgence, a longtime love of Maia that she’s never brought to bear with such power.

On sad disco mxmtoon tells us “I was 17 years old when I wrote my song prom dress. four years later, I sat and listened to it, wondering if the lyrics and ideas still resonated with my now 21-year-old self.”

“I decided that it did, and it also didn’t. I’d grown up since I wrote that song and realized I wanted to make something that felt current to my individual. sad disco was the resolution to that desire. a song built with the same bones that prom dress was made from, but more reflective of the growth I’ve experienced in my own life since.”

“It’s a song meant to make you find joy in the quiet, to emulate that feeling of being alone in your bedroom, blasting music through a pair of headphones in the middle of the night. in a way, it feels like an answer to the girl who wrote prom dress in the first place. serving as a reminder that she isn’t stuck on the floor with tears streaming down her face forever, but that she’ll grow up, and the loneliness she sometimes feels won’t define her. She can still choose to dance and have her own sad disco.

sad disco is out now.

Image: Brett Warren

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