New music for your ears: Willaris. K, D’Arcy Spiller and Jade Imagine

Looking for some new music to add to your playlist? We took a listen to three new artists who’ve just released EPs of fresh tunes.

Willaris. K
Full Noise
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Willaris. K (aka Jack McAllister) got our attention earlier this year with some great tracks now he’s got a whole EP of absolute bangers. Opening up with Blunt Sword, a collaboration with GN it’s a track with a sprawling soundscape, thumping base and sense of impending danger or euphoric celebration, it builds and builds, like a car screaming down the freeway at 2am and we’re not sure if things are going to stay in control. Chapel sees WaveQ throwing down some seriously good raps with a pulsating tracks that will fill the dance floor, the throbbing beat continues with Tanzmaus a track that continually intensifies. The EP closes off with Full Circle, a collaboration with Paul Mac, which sees chiming vocal samples bounding off each other. Seriously great EP.    

D’Arcy Spiller
Little Demons
★ ★ ★ ★
Australian musician D’Arcy Spiller has just released her EP Little Demons, and its five tracks of sublime beauty. Spiller has a distinctive voice and her music strides the line between intriguing alternative and mainstream pop sensibility. Opening track Cry All Night slowly builds and has an ethereal quality. What in Hell is catchy and somewhat spooky, First Scar is warm and laid back and slightly bluesy and the EP’s closer Deep Black Sea is percussive and declarative with it’s ode to leaving things untouched.

Jade Imagine
You Remind Me of Something I Lost
★ ★ ★ ★

Melbourne’s Jade Imagine deliver some bluesy, breezy and hazy laid back indie rock with their new four track EP. Opening up with the lead single Coastal Pines which features the distinctive vocals of front woman McInally. Heavy Machines is more succinct but retains the multi layered sound, Things Just Happen For You opens with strumming guitar before a moody vocal sees a personal story being shared. The central sentiment about those people’s whose lives just fall into place is a ponderous reflection on mental health, envy and self analysis. The EP’s closer Feelin’ Blue is slow and haunting. This four song collection travels quite an emotional range.

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